The Categories

Reflecting the diverse nature of the FM sector, the PFM Partnership Awards categories are carefully considered to allow entrants to show their most recent achievements in working in partnership in the most vibrant areas of our industry.

The PFM Awards categories 

Deadline for entries: Wednesday,11 May, 2022.

Partners in Cleaning

This category is for FM partnerships where cleaning of facilities of any description takes a central role as part of a total facilities management (TFM) solution, or is the only aspect of the contract, and is designed to show how working in close cooperation between client and service provider delivers benefits to everyone involved.

Partners in Corporate

This category is for strategic partnerships where a wide range of support and FM services are delivered and managed for a large client organisation. Entrants should demonstrate how the partnership is strategically aligned with the client’s business needs and reflected through the supply chain to effectively deliver a broad range of services.

Partners in Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) – NEW

This category has been developed from the former Partners in CSR and applies to partnerships engaged in the delivery of ESG requirements and aspirations, particularly where these are contractually obliged and include delivery of KPI or similar requirements and data showing the progress achieved.

Partners in Carbon Savings – NEW

Developed from the former Partners in Energy Management, this category is for partners involved in successful projects that have delivered reductions in carbon emissions, which have improved the client’s carbon footprint and/or the achievement of sustainability aims as a result of their efforts, including data to provide evidence and support all claims.

Partners in Expert Services

This category is for partnerships between public or private sector organisations and a supplier with specific skills, technical expertise or experience, such as FM consultancy, IT support, reprographics, software development, cleaning, catering, logistics, etc, have worked together to deliver demonstrable outcomes and benefits.


Partners in Healthcare Settings – NEW

FMs and service partners have been hailed for the many transformations and changes to facilities, often provided at extremely short notice to assist the healthcare sector in dealing with the pandemic and this category is included to celebrate the best examples of their exemplary joint efforts.

Partners in International FM Delivery

Introduced to recognise FM partnership working around the world, this category is for clients and service providers engaged in the collaborative delivery of best practice for any type of FM service on an international basis. It is most important that the partners have access to video conferencing, if they are not able to attend a meeting with the PFM judges within the UK.

Partners in Relocation

This category is included for those involved in the relocation of clients to new facilities, providing professional services that deliver a smooth transition with minimal delays to productivity and assisting clients to adjust to their new working environment as quickly as possible.

Partners in SME Organisations

This category is for partnerships between organisations delivering a range of support services that achieve the client’s strategic business objectives, but where the client and/or FM provider are an SME* organisation. (*EU Definition of SME: Employs less than 250 people, annual turnover is not over €50m and/or annual balance sheet total is not over€43m).

Partners in Sustainability

This category has been included to reflect the move towards reducing the impact of facilities on the environment, including the reduction of carbon emissions, resources, waste in all areas and the processing of all unwanted material in the most effective manner through effective partnership working.

Partners in Technology Application

This category will show the best examples of the use of technology, including data gathering and effective analysis and action to improve FM delivery in a number of areas, which has been seen to have been given added impetus through the adoption and best use of new and improved technology by the partnership in question.


Partners in Workplace Redevelopment

With increasing numbers of facilities being redeveloped to deliver business ambitions to improve the efficiency of the workplace, enable collaborative and hybrid working, this category is designed to publicise the most successful examples of partnership working that have resulted in improved working environments.



NB: These will have later deadlines for entry than the Partnership categories, the dates for which will be announced in the coming weeks.


Team Member of the Year

This category is only open to finalists within the Partnership categories and must be a non-managerial member of staff from either of the partners, with no line management responsibilities, who has provided exemplary levels of professionalism and support. This may include actions beyond and above the call of duty, possibly relating to assistance provided during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Account Director of the Year

Entries should include details of key account/s managed, innovations and achievements delivered and may include testimonials from clients and facilities users and supporting information for successful partnership working.


Young Leader of the Year

Run in collaboration with the Emerging Workplace Leaders (EWL) voluntary organisation, the Young Leader of the Year (YLOTY) category highlights the wealth of emerging talent seen throughout the FM sector. Entrants should be 35 years old or less and be prepared to deliver presentations at live EWL events and also to the organisation's panel of judges.


Peter Middup Lifetime Achievement in FM Award

Submissions can be submitted by candidates themselves or nominated by others, detailing the successes achieved within the person’s FM career and may include testimonials from colleagues, clients and others, further complemented with information on support for or membership of industry bodies.

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