Judging of the finalists of the PFM Partnership Awards 2020 will take place through video conference calls, it was announced today.

This is seen as the best solution to comply with the current requirements relating to the Covid-19 outbreak while also preserving the high levels of integrity of the awards’ judging process.

With the awards continuing to focus on partnership and collaborative working, the use of video conferencing will also help to ensure that all partners are present for the interview and therefore comply with one of the essential elements of the awards.

Although the judging visits are not due to begin before June at the earliest, it seems likely that restrictions may be continuing at this time.

Those submitting entries by the 13 May deadline are therefore advised to ensure they are able to access video conferencing.

Use of this means for interviews will also allow finalists to share pictures, videos and documents to support their entries.

Several of the PFM Awards judges are currently using Microsoft Teams for work purposes and there are many other options available, including WhatsApp, Skype, Google Hangout and others.

The finalists will be encouraged to discuss the best means of completing their video interviews with their judging teams to ensure these are completed before the end of September.

Those wishing to discuss this or any aspects relating to PFM Awards entries are welcome to contact PFM editor Dennis Flower, who is currently working from home but contactable by email (dennis.flower@imlgroup.co.uk) in the first instance.