For the first time in its 27-year history, the PFM Partnership Awards has confirmed that it has secured an agreement with a charity partner.

As a result, Macmillan has been confirmed as the charity partner for the PFM Awards 2020 event that will take place on 4 November.

In addition to donating both cash and credit card payments at the presentation ceremony, FM industry members will also be able to donate online.

All funds received will go direct to Macmillan to support its highly respected efforts in supporting cancer sufferers throughout the UK.

Current estimates that one in two people will suffer from a form of cancer at some point in their lifetime.

“While that’s shocking, advances in treatment mean that people with cancer are seeing improved survival rates and are able to with the disease for longer,” says Macmillan.

“This is hugely positive, but it also means there is even more pressure on the NHS and social care services, which are already struggling to keep pace with the demand for cancer support.

“Macmillan’s aim is to be there for people affected by cancer, offering physical, emotional and financial support from the point of diagnosis. In order to meet increasing demand for these services it is vital that we continue to invest in our work – and this is only made possible because of the kind generosity of our supporters because we are funded almost entirely by voluntary donations.

“This is why we feel privileged to be nominated as the charity partner for the PFM Partnership Awards, together we have a fantastic opportunity to both increase awareness of cancer and raise money to fund Macmillan services across the UK.”