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PFM Partnership Awards

Celebrating its reputation as the most vibrant FM awards event, there is always something happening around the PFM Partnership Awards as visitors to this site can see from the regular updates published here.

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PFM Awards 2017 sponsors: Paul Teasdale

With celebrations and compliments from the PFM Awards 2017 continuing, Premier Technical Services Group (PTSG) chief executive officer Paul Teasdale shares his views on the industry’s most popular awards.

PFM Awards 2017 sponsors: Nigel Shaw

Recorded at this year’s PFM Awards, BAR Commercial Moving Group chair Nigel Shaw – sponsor of the new-for-2017 Partners in Relocation category – shares his enthusiastic response to the 2017 event.

PFM Awards

Recognising the essential requirement of forging effective partnerships has been at the heart of the PFM Awards throughout its long history.

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