Yesterday saw the online official launch of this year’s Young Leader of the Year (YLOTY) category within this year’s PFM Awards, organised by the Emerging Workplace Leaders (EWL) voluntary organisation.

Live, face-to-face events have been staged for the YLOTY category since its inclusion within the PFM Awards and have attracted numerous compliments.

With the UK Covid-19 lockdown restrictions continuing to ease, it was decided that an online event was the best option this year.

Although it was the first time the format had been used, the presentations and discussions allowed all participants to share their enthusiasm and convictions on the value and benefits of the YLOTY category and the increasing beneficial impact of young leaders on the industry.

Featuring EWL committee members, last year’s winner Roshan Deshmanya and previous winners and finalists, the event proved informative and engaging from a number of perspectives.

In addition to commentary on the importance of the role of FM in assisting the reopening of facilities, several references were also made to how the current conditions will allow many to show their true leadership qualities.

Further to the discussion on FM delivery, helpful tips were also shared to assist those considering on entering the YLOTY category this year.

Speaking to PFM after the event, EWL co-chair and Churchill Services director James Bradley said: “This year is different for everyone. And for the time being the way we collaborate will be different too.

“We want to celebrate our amazing sector, who have really been tested the last few months, by launching the YLOTY Award 2020, after all the award must go on! 

“Thankfully, with technology, we were able to continue and meet virtually to hear from our past winners and also industry leaders at a time when leadership skills are so important,” he said.

The deadline for entry for both the YLOTY and the Account Director of the Year categories within the PFM Awards is 24 July and more information can be found here.