Entrants to this year’s PFM Partnership Awards have less than a month to submit their entries, with all submissions due by 16 May.

This year’s Partnership entry deadline once again coincides with World FM Day 2018, providing a highly relevant link to further promote the relevance of both industry initiatives.

Those wishing to submit entries for Account Director of the Year and Young Leader of the Year need to supply these by 27 July.

There is a later deadline of 30 August for those wishing to apply or nominate candidates for the Peter Middup Lifetime Achievement in FM award.

This year will see even more publicity surrounding all aspects of the PFM Awards, as the event celebrates its 25th anniversary, providing additional promotional opportunities for both finalists and the winners, who will receive their trophies on 7 November.

Interest levels in the PFM Awards 2018 are already recording higher levels than previous years, driven by the Silver Anniversary and the www.pfmawards.co.uk dedicated website, launched at last year’s presentation ceremony, further supported by publicity in all areas of the PFM brand.

Information on all aspects of the awards is included on the website, including the list of 2018 categories: http://www.pfmawards.co.uk/categories/

Companies and individuals interested in entering this year’s awards are also invited to email dennis.flower@imlgroup.co.uk with any questions.