With the judging process drawing to a close for the PFM Partnership Awards 2018, last week saw Elogbooks become the event’s most recent supporter to sign up.

Judging days for Account Director of the Year and Young Leader of the Year, organised by the Young Manager’s Forum, are also scheduled, with all judging due to finish at the end of this month.

Following this, the first week of October will see the PFM Awards independent panel of judges assemble in London to discuss the winners of all the Partnership, Team Member and Overall Winner categories.

Each judging team will present their findings and scores resulting from visiting the sites of finalists, which sees them travel to all regions and requires them to devote considerable amounts of time and effort to ensure that the most deserving candidates receive their trophies at the presentation ceremony.

This will take place on 7 November and will once again be held at London’s The Brewery, with the further attraction of celebrating the 25th anniversary of the PFM Awards this year.

Those wishing to book tables for this year’s event are invited to contact Kelli-Anne Horne (kelli.horne@imlgroup.co.uk) or Iain McLean (iain.mclean@imlgroup.co.uk) or call them on 01732 359990 as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.