The Categories

The Categories

Reflecting the diverse nature of the FM sector, the PFM Partnership Awards categories are carefully considered to allow entrants to show their most recent achievements in working in partnership in the most vibrant areas of our industry.

NB: The deadline for Partnership entries this year is 15 May, 2019. Entries for Account Director of the Year and Young Leader of the Year should be confirmed by 15 July and nominations for the Peter Middup Lifetime Achievement in FM award should be sent by 16 August.

The PFM Partnership Awards are delighted to have been independently accredited with complying with all the criteria of the Independent Awards Standards Council's Trust Mark for the quality and integrity of the FM industry's favourite awards

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The PFM Awards categories

The PFM Partnership Awards categories

Partners in SME Organisations

This category is for partnerships between organisations for a range of support services that achieve the client’s strategic business objectives, but where the client and/or FM provider are an SME* organisation. (*EU Definition of SME: Employs less than 250 people, annual turnover is not over €50m and/or annual balance sheet total is not over €43m).

Partners in Training and Development

This award, an updated version of previous categories, is designed to recognise service providers and clients who have gone the extra mile in terms of supporting staff in gaining new skills and knowledge that will increase their work satisfaction while helping employers and clients to further raise their level of productivity and/or service delivery.

Partners in Smart FM – NEW

Newly introduced, this category will show the best examples of how data gathering and effective analysis can improve FM delivery in a number of areas, which has been seen to have been given added impetus through the adoption and best use of new and improved technology, allowing more accurate analysis and the delivery of improvements in relevant areas.

Partners in Expert Services

This category is for partnerships between public or private sector organisations and a supplier with specific skills, technical expertise or experience, such as FM consultancy, IT support, reprographics, software development, cleaning, catering, logistics, etc.

Partners in Corporate

This category is for strategic partnerships where a wide range of support and FM services are delivered and managed for a large client organisation. Entrants should demonstrate how the partnership is strategically aligned with the client’s business needs and reflected through the supply chain to effectively deliver a broad range of services.

Achievement in Diversity – NEW

New for 2019, this category has been introduced to reflect the increasing efforts of the FM sector in providing opportunities for individuals in all areas of the industry, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability, etc, which can be proven to provide benefits for companies, clients and communities alike.

Partners in Cleaning

This category is for FM partnerships where cleaning of facilities of any description takes a central role as part of a total facilities management (TFM) solution, or is the only aspect of the contract, and is designed to show how working in close cooperation between client and service provider delivers benefits to everyone involved.

Partners in Relocation

This category is included for those involved in the relocation of clients to new facilities, providing professional services that deliver a smooth transition with minimal delays to productivity and assisting clients to adjust to their new working environment as quickly as possible.

Partners in Corporate Social Responsibility

This category is for strategic partnerships involved in all aspects of delivering CSR, from supporting community initiatives to the employment of local people, taking part in charitable projects and providing assistance in meeting the client’s various objectives in this area, as well as those of the service provider.

Partners in Renovation – NEW

Introduced this year, this is designed to highlight the best examples of facilities that have been given a new lease of life through being updated to create modern workplaces that meet the needs of clients and provide genuine potential for extended use for many years to come.

Partners in Energy Management

This category is for partners involved in successful projects that have delivered reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions, which have also resulted in savings for clients and/or the achievement of sustainability aims as a result of their efforts.

Partners in Waste Management

Another new introduction, this category has been included to reflect the move towards regarding waste as a valuable commodity that can be used to raise revenue and deliver environmental benefits through aiming to establish a position of ‘zero to landfill’ and processing all material in the most effective manner.

Account Director of the Year

An award for a senior account director from an outsourced service provider organisation who has demonstrated exceptional qualities in partnering to further the effectiveness and efficiency of the client/s facilities and property operations that support its business and activities.

Partnership Team Member

All finalists in the PFM Awards are invited to nominate one member of their facilities team who has demonstrated an exceptional contribution to the success of the partnership through their enthusiasm and effectiveness as an operative or supervisor of a small team of staff. Typically this person would not be in a management position but could be a cleaner, receptionist, maintenance engineer, etc.

Peter Middup Lifetime Achievement in FM Award

This award is for a property and FM professional who throughout his/her career has demonstrated best practice in fulfilling strategic business objectives through effective delivery of property and FM, and who has shown leadership in the FM community.

Young Leader of the Year

This category highlights the considerable talents of the next generation of FMs that have made an impact early in their careers and is organised and judged by representatives of the Emerging Workplace Leaders (EWL) organisation. Candidates should be nominated by their senior manager and be prepared to make a presentation to the judges.

Overall Winner 2019

Winners of the ‘Partners in’ categories that have demonstrated excellence in all the judging criteria will be automatically considered for the Overall PFM Partnership Award.

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How to enter the PFM Partnership Awards

How to enter the PFM Partnership Awards

Once the 2019 awards open for entries, you will need to write a 1,500-word description of your entry. Supplementary information may also be submitted in the form of graphs or tables etc, but this should be strictly limited. There are no extra points for volume!

Write a 250-word summary of your entry, including all parties involved, duration and nature of partnership, values if appropriate, and any other relevant details

Complete the entry form and include it with your entry submission. Both the client and service supplier/s must sign the form as joint entrants. For entries in Young Leader of the Year, Account Director of the Year, Peter Middup Lifetime Achievement in FM and Partnership Team Member Award categories the proposer and nominee should complete the form.

Provide 3-4 good quality photographs to illustrate the entry (digital high-resolution JPEG files) together with company logos emailed to or posted with the entry on a USB memory stick. These may be published in PFM, PFM Digital and shown at the PFM Partnership Awards dinner.

Only Partnerships that have been active since 31 May 2018 or earlier may enter the 2019 awards.

NB: In the event of high numbers of applications for any of the Partnership categories, this may result in them being divided in the most logical manner, possibly including divisions for public and private sector entries, for example.
The partnerships in question should demonstrate a continuing focus on delivering improvements and innovations through close working arrangements.

Copyright All entries may be used in forthcoming issues of PFM magazine print and digital editions, or and any print or web-based mediums affiliated with the PFM Partnership Awards.